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Textile stretch ceilings


Features of textile stretch ceilings:

Durable textile stretch ceilings. Synthetic material is resistant to mechanical damage. The
structure of the canvas supports air exchange inside the structure. A flat surface visually
increases the area of space.

• Mounted without heating the room

• Not afraid of sub-zero temperatures

• Pass air through the textile

• The width of the canvas reaches 5 meters

• Absolutely odorless

Price with installation

Standaart Spanplafond Garant
spanplafond garant (5)
spanplafond garant (3)
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Textile stretch ceilings look luxurious, resistant to mechanical damage, withstand temperatures from -45 to +50. The material has an antistatic effect, so it remains clean throughout the entire period of operation.

This option is practical and durable. A variety of designs have been developed for the textile to create the necessary look and type of lighting.

The textile is made of synthetic fibers impregnated to resist fire and moisture. Therefore, they are installed in rooms in the house and apartment. Textile stretch ceilings are even and smooth.

Installation takes an average of 2 hours, the canvas closes all the shortcomings of the rough surface.

Complicated preparation before installation is not required. It is enough to free up space, ensuring accessibility to each section of the canvas, and cover all surfaces with film and cardboard.

Advantages of textile ceilings:

  • Soundproofing, which will help reduce the penetration of extraneous noise. For each manufacturer, this property varies, depending on the density and the presence of a foam coating. There are acoustic textiles that do not echo indoors;
  • Fire safety, thanks to special impregnation, the base does not support combustion. Even when exposed to direct fire, the ceiling does not catch fire;
  • Environmentally friendly composition, in which there are no harmful substances for health. Installation is recommended for social institutions, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals;
  • Durability, even in unheated houses, the ceiling covering will not change its original appearance. The material is not afraid of temperature changes. It is allowed to put LED lamps of higher power than for PVC.
  • Support air exchange inside the rooms. This point concerns panel apartment buildings, where there may be small gaps that draw in or blow out air currents.

AT assortment : Descor-Premium, Clipso, Hyetex. Each room can be decorated in a warm or cold style, using technologies to form a niche or modern decorative lighting. Only with textile do the famous starry sky with shining stars from fiber optic strands controlled by the projector.

The cost of a textile stretch ceiling depends on the complexity of the work. Below is a selection of photographs of our completed work. Choose the option that suits you best and place an order


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