Stretch ceilings Starry sky


Features of stretch ceilings starry sky:

Installation with a view of space. Stretch ceilings starry sky can consist of fiber optic
strands that form twinkling stars or look like a picture. Cosmic sensations provided

• high quality UV printing

• bright and saturated colors

• drawing absolutely any image

• the embodiment of design of any complexity

Price with installation


Order stretch ceilings starry sky
We accept orders for stretch ceilings starry sky at a price of 455 /m2. The price includes installation with material.
You can buy a ceiling structure from us, assembled using any technique of the starry sky. We achieve realistic images. Our finished projects are hard to distinguish from the real sky. We carry out work of any complexity.
Stretch ceilings with a starry sky are divided into two types:
 With high resolution photo printing with volume effect. Paints are applied to PVC film or textile. We offer to print any picture from stock directories. Our designer will format the selected image according to the area, the perimeter of the intended print and give the desired shade. We even do double-sided printing with the development of the second (internal) image when the built-in LED backlight is turned on.
 With a projection of the starry sky on a textile ceiling. This is a more complex method that allows you to create movement, give stars and nebulae a live look. To make such a design, it is necessary to use a textile canvas. Each star is a fiber optic strand. The optical fiber is connected to the projector, which controls the operation of the LEDs. The desired order is set and the lights turn on, go out at a given frequency. LED diameter: Ø1.5, Ø7.5, Ø1.0. Such a small difference in diameter is actually noticeable when the lights are turned on. To calculate the cost of such a project, it is necessary to add up the prices of each point separately and take into account all the details of the installation of each square meter.
Starry sky stretch ceilings are installed in living rooms and bedrooms. More orders are for children’s rooms, as children are delighted with this effect.
We offer a free call-out service. In addition to measuring, you will get acquainted with the products and our portfolio of work performed. Considering everything pros and cons choose the design.
Stages of installation of a star ceiling:
 Development of the concept with the choice of format and pattern. The details are coordinated, the wishes of the customer are taken into account.
 Production of profile structures, textiles. Preparation of additional elements. The technologist conducts briefing, prepares the terms of reference for the installation team.
 Departure of installers to the object with materials, installation.
 Delivery of the completed order to the client.
We do the work carefully, we provide an extended warranty. All because it is important for us to leave a positive impression.


If you have any questions, you can send us a message or contact us in any way convenient for you.


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